I’ve always been a fan of using video tutorials on youtube especially when it comes to students revising and telling me some of the great videos they have seen. I’ve attempted to make video tutorial before using a webcam and strategically placing it in the correct position…it became tedious. Learning about screencast made me realise this is quite an easy and effective learning tool.

One topic I love teaching is circle theorems and finding the geometric properties circles have. Geometers Sketchpad(GSP) is a great software program that allows investigations into these mathematical theorems easily rather than looking at the image on a board or textbook and the students are relatively competent to use this software without much instruction.


So I thought I’d use my first screencast to demonstrate some of the tools on GSP and look at one of the theorems in particular to see how it would work…

Once I got my head around rehearsing the script and timings etc it was relatively easy to use and the best part about it is students can use it as tutorials with the ease of pausing and playing when they wish.

After watching Salman Khan talk about the efficacy of the flipped classroom I’m beginning to see the benefits and starting to think how can I make my time more effective in the classroom and make homework more beneficial rather than a chore for students.

I will eventually try and use TedEd also as this focuses mainly on educational videos.


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