At the start of this course I could only think of two aims:

Photo Credit: johnb/Derbys/UK. via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: johnb/Derbys/UK. via Compfight cc

  • Connect with like minded professionals who have constructive ideas and thoughts.
  • Discover ways to develop my teaching and share experiences within the role of IT.

On reflection…

I think I’ve certainly managed to achieve both but come out of this course with so much more.

My main thought about this course is how I’ve actually been able to create a lot of the resources I’m so used to using or coming across on a daily basis. Using twitter, youtube, garage band and producing a pecha kucha has really enlightened my stance on teaching and learning and how to make it more beneficial for my students.

What I’ve also really enjoyed is learning about other forms of technology from my colleagues. Their blogs really inspired me to try new ideas and forms of technology, some of which I may never have ever thought about using in the classroom. Some of the blogs I really enjoyed were from Carmel, Eamonn, Jen, Sandra and Karoli.

I’m leaving this course with a new outlook on what I want my lessons to really be about and how I can make my students become better learners with the tasks I set them.

A few concepts I’m going to try more often are using screencast a lot more in liaison with trialling the flipped classroom and encouraging homework to be the initial learning stage before the students come my classroom rather than homework being the final stage.


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