Math talk

Photo Credit: OllyHart via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: OllyHart via Compfight cc

Our task this weekend was to create a podcast.

After reading some background into podcasts for teachers and educational podcasts, it seems that they can be used quite easily in the classroom. I’ve only ever came across podcasts from radio stations that I enjoy listening to and thought that this would be a great place to start.

Using GarageBand was always on my to do list so when Sandra and Karoli wanted to do this too it made sense to buddy up. We came up with lots of ideas for what we could make a podcast about…learning times tables using song, informing parents about class content, advising other teachers. We eventually decided to go with the latter and create a podcast that would provide information for new teachers about some of the aspects that work well in our classrooms.

Math TalkWe came up with Math Talk, a 6 minute discussion about what makes for a good math lesson. After brainstorming ideas for what to talk about we shared out the discussion points and tried to make it as natural as possible. Using GarageBand was pretty easy. After watching a few youtube tutorials and a bit of trial and error we managed to come up with a decent podcast.

It’s a great way to share knowledge and get information when we don’t necessarily have the time to sift through the internet for ideas. I will certainly try to download some more educational podcasts in the future.


One thought on “Math talk

  1. I agree. A very worthwhile tool to learn how to do and I’m so glad that I’ve had the opportunity to try it. if i was left to my own devices I’d never have had a go. I’ve also downloaded a few podcasts since we did this, not too many educational ones though but some funny non the less.

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