After reading Jen’s blog Using Pinterest in the classroom I wanted to try and use this in my lessons this week. I’m teaching solving equations to my Grade 8 classes and as well as being able to understand the written methods I wanted them to understand the modelling process as well.

photoSo I asked my students to solve equations and take pictures of the stages when modelling using manipulatives. It was a great group work exercise and I received some great photos. So I uploaded these onto a Pinterest page solving linear equations which was easy to set up and posted their pictures on there.  I’ve been able to use these pictures again in the week to reinforce learning and was great to use their own work as the examples in class.

Pinterest is great for getting inspiration and teaching ideas on math or any subject.


3 thoughts on “Pinterest

  1. Sheena, I’m still not completely sold on how to use Pinterest with students. I see how your idea works and I think it’s great to have a place for students to see each other’s work. Being able to have the page to show as exemplars is also a nice idea, so I’m warming up to it. I do, however, like the ideas shared on this site. A lot of the things I’ve used from Pinterest are more “artsy-fartsy’, to use a technical term. This is not my area of strength, so I know right when I need those types of ideas to shake things up a bit.

  2. Sheena, thanks for the Pinterest lead. I signed on but haven’t found grade level appropriate material yet. The things I have found so far are all a bit young. For some reason I didn’t think to search by a specific skill. I just searched “solving linear equations,” which we will also be moving into soon, and found some great ideas for my grade level for practice and making real world connections. Nice!

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