discussion  This week my grade 8 students have been working on problem solving questions. The idea of problem solving is to try and get them to use their math skills to answer functional math problems. My main aim was to get them to collaborate and discuss their answers with each other and they were given time to do that in class, but I wanted them to do this outside the classroom too as part of their independent study.

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 11.39.41 AM

I came across Padlet, previously known as Wallwisher.

It ‘s an excellent tool to get instant feedback from students for example at the end of the lesson to use an exit ticket or to gauge what to cover in the upcoming lesson if there were any questions from the students. So I decided this week to maybe use Padlet as an open conversational space for students to discuss their problem solving task.

So here is what the problem solving padlet looked like yesterday. I was actually quite surprised some of the students started to use this but I need to think how to make it more effective and more students involved. I was pleased that one student knew the answer to the question but wanted to find out how to get to the answer. I’d like more ways for discussion and ‘conversation’ to be made more prominent on padlet, so looked into some other padlet ideas on #math using padlet and came across Mr G Online. I liked the use of pictures which I never knew you could do and the reflective aspect of it.

What have you found was a really eye catching padlet about stem cells which I’m also taking inspiration from so will try and make it more appealing and beneficial for all students.


One thought on “Padlet

  1. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Padlet . I have been looking for something similar to Pinterest that has a little more flexibility in term of embedding into existing sites, which Padlet can simply by selecting the share code option. In Theater we make inspiration boards at the start of a new practical project as a way define the design aesthetics of a new style. This would be a great housing system for collecting these inspirations. Thanks for sharing….

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