Over this week I’ve been thinking about the role of the teacher in the classroom.

old teacher

Photo Credit: Michael 1952 via Compfight cc

I started reflecting on this after watching New Learners of the 21st Century. An amazing school that allows students to learn via gaming and embracing change in a society where technology is forever changing.  A great idea but I started to question what has actually happened to the role of the teacher over time and what will become of it.


Photo Credit: Patrick Hoesly via Compfight cc

Reading an article this week about a school in Paris, France called 42 with an enrollment of 60 000 applicants but no teachers really intrigued me. These students are teaching themselves computer programming and the main reason this school exists is because of the low employment rate in France at the  moment. Their aim is to make students proficient problem solvers so they resolve issues independently. My question is then…how do we make students good problem solvers?

I was interested to learn more about how gaming can promote learning as games are in theory strategic and social. The main stigma with games is that it defers from the actual learning where in fact it defers from rote learning. I realised that students actually learn more from collaborative learning especially for struggling students who may be disruptive, all in all a great teaching tool. But how can we justify gaming with exam results?

Photo Credit: lastquest via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: lastquest via Compfight cc

Dr James Gee discusses the benefits of gaming but makes a inquisitive comment about how gaming can be used with assessment which is my concern teaching mathematics. How do I teach algebraic reasoning using gaming? I’m struggling to find a starting point so any ideas are welcome, then I came across blended learning. Not necessarily concerning gaming but looking at computers as a way of reinforcing concepts and allowing students to take responsibility for their learning.

Reading Carmel Lim Torres’s blog on gamification got me onto the idea of the teachers role in the future and I’m pondering a thought… what will be the future definition of a teacher.


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