Working smarter not harder

So…to sum up my week…technology overload!

I can’t believe how much I’ve learnt since taking this course and what I’ve missed out on over my 6 year teaching career. I’ve always wanted to get on board with technology; uploading lessons and documents onto the portal, even creating my own math video tutorials but never really knew what to do with the content. So I was overwhelmed with how much there actually is out there.

So I have managed to set up this blog, make posts, comment on posts, set up a twitter account, follow and be followed and even get to grips with Pecha Kucha.

On reflection of my week the following phrase came to me… ‘Am I working smarter not harder?’ 

Reading some colleagues posts on facebook this weekend from my previous school in Birmingham, they all seem to be moaning, I mean commenting, on the marking overload at the moment and they’re only in their second week of the year!! I posted to one of them ‘What happened to working smarter not harder?’ and I began to realise that technology in education can facilitate this. I know we’re not focusing on marking but the amount of time we put into our lesson planning surely can be reduced with a few smarter ways of thinking and I think my view on education has changed in such a short amount of time.

So my thoughts for the week ahead…

How can I get my students more involved in my lessons using technology? I’m attempting to trial Padlet (wall wisher) to encourage problem solving discussions outside of my lessons and across my classes.

I also want to look into Google Ninja, to my understanding this is a bit like class Dojo? I’m not sure, so any feedback is welcomed. I want to reward pupils for their success in overcoming obstacles in mathematics but I’m not sure what there is available.

Finally…a personal one… I want to find out how to make the ultimate tweet where followers actually tweet back! 



2 thoughts on “Working smarter not harder

  1. Hi Sheena – Working smarter is my aim as well! Technology can easily be a black hole that you fall into and then you actually don’t accomplish anything but frustration. However, that feeling when you learn something that makes you more efficient is always exciting! From what I know, class dojo is an online behavioural app and Google ninja is a program to learn how to use all the various aspects of google more effectively Hope you find what you are looking for!

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